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With more than 7000 members sharing their experiences, and thoughts on living life as an Rh negative, this is a great place to ask questions and get answers.  

We do not necessarily sanction or endorse every viewpoint presented on this website. We are not medical doctors, we don't know everything, and we don't pretend to understand everything- but we certainly do want you to take an active part in this network by sharing your experiences, watching, listening, reading, and finally, making up your own mind about the information you find here.  

So, join our network, make yourself at home here and find out more about your blood type- you may be pleasantly surprised at how much we all have in common.


Rh neg health

Post questions or information pertaining specifically to rh negative health issues. Current topics include Auto-immune dysfunction, Celiac Disease, AIDS, headaches, Thyroid problems, and more.

181 discussions

Rh Negatives and Nutrition

There are many theories concerning blood type and nutrition. Many people believe that certain foods are either beneficial or detrimental to their immune function. Find out more about what has worked for others, and share your own success stories here.

31 discussions

Rh Negative pregnancy

Are you pregnant or want to be pregnant? This is a good place to start if you're looking for information on RhoGam, (Anti-D) or just looking for information on Rh Negative pregnancy. Find out what other Rh Negative mothers have experienced in thier preganancies, and share your stories here!

60 discussions

Rh Negative Characteristics

Rh Negatives seem to have certain physical characteristics. Many have an extra vertebrae or a cauda. Do you have a unique physical characteristic? Want to find out if others have it too? This is the place to post.

155 discussions

Rh neg Origins

Ask questions or post any information pertaining to the origins of the Rhesus negative factor. There are many many theories out there. Where do YOU think Rh Negative blood comes from? Share your research and theories here.

140 discussions

General Health Information

Post any general health information that you feel is beneficial to our network members. Have you tried a new supplement or lifestyle change that has benefitted you or a loved one? Share your stories here.

85 discussions

Paranormal Discussions

Post any questions or information regarding paranormal activity that may be related to rh negative blood. Rh negative people seem to be prone to electrical disturbances of varying degrees- from watches not ever working to street lights going out as they walk under them or drive by them- to full on electrical malfunctions of computers, appliances and lighting. Many Rh negatives also tend to be very psychic. Find out what other Rh Negatives have experienced, and share your stories here!

124 discussions


This is where you post any questions or information that is not catagorized.

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Network HELP

Do you need help with something TECHNICAL on this network? Do you have questions about how to do something? We will post known issues, and techie stuff here.

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